Life brings many blessings, both big and small

November 22, 2018

Thankful? You’re durn right, I’m thankful.

I am retired and although I can’t get around like I used to, my wife and I have enough resources to see us through to the end, whenever that may be. And I have previous governments, national and state, to thank in part for that. America has been a marvelous place, until ...

I am grateful that I am not forced to work under the current Trump regime. It would be a scary time indeed because no one knows what lies or ideas he is going to come up with today or tomorrow that will eat into the American culture or destroy the current economy, which hangs by a thread over a deep dark chasm.

I’m thankful for my wild birds on which I spend hundreds of dollars a year. They provide me with endless entertainment, especially the several varieties of woodpeckers who so seriously attack the food in hanging suet feeders.

And the deer in my lawn? What can I say. I love them and am most thankful for them.

I’m thankful for all of nature, in fact. Recently a friend posted a picture on her Facebook page of a spider delicately spinning a web around a ladybug that she caught. I suspect she stunned it and laid an egg in it before wrapping it in her web which, I have read, is stronger than steel.

How does she learn how to do that? How is it passed from one spider generation to another?

It leads me to believe that a super universal intelligence is at work in the spider, on this earth and to the ends of the universe, if in fact the universe has an end.

That doesn’t mean I believe that one religion or any religion has the right to claim dibs on that intelligence. In fact, I don’t believe that the intelligence wants or needs to be worshiped. Funny, isn’t it, how humans want to give human qualities to the gods they worship.

So, when I say I am thankful this Thanksgiving or any Thanksgiving, it’s not because I think I must give thanks to the creator of this world.

I do it because it makes my own heart sing.

Thank you, Susie, for being my wife in these sometimes-difficult latter years. Let’s hang on to each other. I love you. We’ll make it.

Thanks, Herald-Dispatch, for letting me rant and rave twice a week.

Thanks to the folks who write good things about me as well as those who call me names. How many 75-year-old people do you know who can bring folks out of their chairs to cheer of scoff?

And thank you, President Trump, for letting us take a peek at your buzzed (for whatever reason) transparent brain. If you hid all those bizarre thoughts and obvious lies from us, it could lead to far worse cultural and economic disasters than we are facing.

I am thankful that I can keep hopes alive. For the first time in our married lives, we do not have a dog. It’s lonely without a dog.

My intention is to create a fenced-in area in our side yard for him or her to play, if I can find someone to build it.

Once it’s up, Susie and I will go in search of a rescue dog to love and enjoy.

My son is a joy, and I am thankful for him. And I am thankful for all friends. And enemies.

And to all of you who are reading this: Happy day of being thankful.

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