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AM-Prep: Kickers

February 26, 2019


HELSINKI (AP) — Estonian construction workers thought they were doing the right thing when they rescued what they thought was a dog from an icy river. It was, indeed the right thing, but they were wrong about what they thought they were rescuing. Turns out the dog they had rescued — was a wolf. The workers came upon an animal swimming frantically in a maze of ice. They rescued the ice-coated creature and took it to a shelter. And when they got to the shelter, a hunter told them it was a one-year-old male wolf — not a dog — that was suffering from shock and hypothermia. The young wolf recovered after a day — and was released back into the wild with a GPS collar.


BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) — You’ve heard of people trolling other people on the internet. This is a case of a town that is trolling itself. Officials in Breckenridge, Colorado are getting ready to rebuild a large wooden troll. The troll was put up near a trail this summer for a festival. But it was so popular, nearby homeowners complained about the foot traffic — and it was taken down in November. The original troll, named Isak Heartstone, stood 15 feet high. It’s unclear what the new one will look like — or where it will sit.


ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico family says it is offering to shell out $500 — to anyone who can help them get their pet tortoise back. KOB-TV is reporting that Dusty the Turtle went missing earlier this month in Roswell, New Mexico — after strong winds knocked open a gate that housed him. It’s believed Dusty strolled away from the backyard and into the desert during the windstorm. Neighbors say the 100-pound turtle was last seen near a creek — and hasn’t been seen since.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II