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Schock attorneys hit prosecutors for alleged misleading acts

October 19, 2017

PEORIA, Ill. (AP) — Attorneys for former Congressman Aaron Schock are contesting the assertion by federal prosecutors that nothing improper happened during grand jury investigations of the Peoria Republican.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Hansen on Wednesday told a federal judge that prosecutors made standard comments about suspects having a right not to appear and didn’t make inappropriate statements to grand jurors. Prosecutors say Judge Colin Bruce was wrong to conclude that government attorneys at first denied and then admitted that allegation.

In a brief filed Thursday, Schock’s attorneys say the filing by the government further compounds its prior misrepresentations and misconduct in the theft-of-government-funds case. They say the indictment of Schock must be dismissed because the prosecution violated Mr. Schock’s Fifth Amendment rights by repeatedly telling the grand jury about Mr. Schock’s decision not to testify.

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