Trump crisis claim: Darcy cartoon

January 9, 2019

Trump crisis claim: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Former reality TV star and current con-man, President Trump, used the stature of the Oval Office and Network TV airtime to make his unreal case that there is a security crisis on the southern border that needs a multi-billion dollar barrier to stem it.

Trump’s Monday version of “Fear Factor” was a rerun of Trump’s twitter and campaign lies, half-truths, misstatements and fear-mongering about immigration and the need for a border wall.  

Trump said he was addressing his fellow Americans because “there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.”  He once again described the border as a pipeline pouring in illegal aliens, many of them violent criminals, and drugs, unchecked.   Among the “hardest hit” by the invasion, claimed Trump, “are African-Americans and Hispanics-Americans.

According to experts, illegal border crossings have been declining in the past two decades.    Most illegal aliens in the U.S. overstayed their visas.   

Trump was correct when he said that the majority of Heroin comes into the U.S. from Mexico.  What he didn’t say was that most of that Heroin is smuggled in through legal ports of entry.   A wall won’t stop drugs coming in from legal ports or drug tunnels.  It won’t stop U.S. drug demand that feeds the supply.

Trump cited the number of aliens entering with criminal records, failing to note that many of the convictions included non-violent offenses, including traffic violations.    It’s an example of how he cherry-picked many of the statistics he cited to stoke fears and support for his wall.

Most of the migrants from Central America seeking to enter the U.S. legally or illegally, are doing so because they are seeking better lives.  They are seeking to flee poverty, violent crime and corruption in their native countries.

Trump-created humanitarian crisis.

Trump was right when he said “This is a humanitarian crises. A crisis of the heart, and a crises of the soul.”  But it’s a crisis of the Trump administration’s own making because of their soulless and heartless immigration policies.

Families have been needlessly separated, kids have needlessly been caged and have died as direct result of the Trump administration’s actions.

Now Trump’s self-created humanitarian crises has been extended to Americans economically impacted by the Trump-Rush Limbaugh-Ann Coulter government shutdown.   From government workers living paycheck to paycheck, to needy families not getting food subsidies, Trump has created a humanitarian crisis at the border and in homes across America.   “Make America Great Again, ” said Trump.  How about making American government open again? 

Trump didn’t want to give address

Trump’s speech delivery was extremely subdued.  It wasn’t because lying as much as he does wore him out.  It was because he had to be talked into giving the address and making his trip to the border Thursday, according to The New York Times.

Peter Baker reported in the NYT that Trump confided to television anchors during an off-the-record lunch that the address and border trip were pointless.  

“It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it,” Trump told the anchors, according to Baker’s sources.   “These people behind you say it’s worth it, ” Trump said, gesturing to Bill Shine, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway.”

Trump’s gut instinct was right, this time.  The Oval Office address turned out to be a real ‘Nothing Burger.’   It will only play to the base of Trump’s base when it was intended to sway public opinion in general and especially Republicans in Congress wanting to end the shutdown without delay.

The crisis isn’t at the southern border.  The crisis is sitting in The Oval Office, further diminishing its stature.

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