Eric Swalwell, California rep.: Democrats shouldn’t ‘lead with impeachment’

August 26, 2018

Rep. Eric Swalwell said Sunday that Democrats shouldnt lead with impeachment but should pledge to carry out investigations Republicans are unwilling to conduct if they take back control of the House after the midterm elections.

Democrats should not lead with impeachment, Mr. Swalwell, California Democrat, said on ABCs This Week. I think we should lead with the core issues people care about making sure that health care costs go down, that their paychecks go up, and that we scrub out corruption.

Mr. Swalwell had been asked whether it would be a high crime and misdemeanor if President Trump did indeed conspire with former lawyer Michael Cohen to evade campaign finance laws by funneling money to women with whom the president is alleged to have had affairs.

Hes not above the law, but I think that we dont have enough evidence yet, Mr. Swalwell.

Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty last week to eight felony counts, including campaign finance violations, and said he made the hush-money payments at the direction of a federal candidate, referring to Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump said Mr. Cohen pleaded to two counts that werent even crimes and that they didnt have to do with his campaign.

Mr. Swalwell did say that we shouldnt look the other way.

And the best thing we can do is promise the American people, if we are given the majority, that we will conduct the investigations the Republicans are unwilling to conduct, he said.

Mr. Swalwell said a Democratic majority also would force the release of Mr. Trumps tax returns, in addition to conducting probes into the campaign finance issues and questions surrounding any contact with Russian officials.

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