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Valuable 18th Century Violin Is Found In Boxcar

April 26, 1987

DEERFIELD, Mass. (AP) _ A railroad inspector will collect $1,000 as a reward for returning a rare 18th-century violin worth $30,000 that he found in a boxcar in a railroad yard.

Paula Horowitz of Amherst, who offered the reward after putting the violin on her car roof and then driving off April 15, said Friday she was relieved.

″We talked about it every day,″ said Mrs. Horowitz. ″After I lost it I thought I’d never be the same again.″

The violin belonged to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

″I’m elated that it’s been found,″ she said. ″Now it will just be an incident that happened and life will go on.″

George Black, a Boston and Maine Railroad car inspector from Greenfield, found the 241-year-old violin in a boxcar sitting in Deerfield.

″I opened the case and told myself this just can’t be a piece of junk,″ he said.

″It’s just not the kind of thing you could go sell somewhere for $30,″ said Greenfield Police Sgt. David Guilbault. ″Nobody with any brains would try and sell it. Someone must have just gotten tired of carrying it around.″

Black returned the violin Friday to the Springfield Symphony, which had loaned the violin to Mrs. Horowitz for her son Jason, 15. The sophomore at Amherst Regional High School is concertmaster for the Springfield Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The violin was made in 1746 by Italian violinmaker Lorenzo Carcassi.

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