Florida woman accused of shooting father, living with his corpse

July 8, 2018

A Florida woman has been charged with murder after her father was found shot and killed in their home.

Authorities believe the woman lived in the house with her father’s corpse for several days.

On Sunday, Rocquel Priser, 38, was walking behind her parents’ home when Collier County deputies say she shot her father in the head, but the shooting wasn’t reported.

On Tuesday, Priser’s mother, Susan, ran into the woods, but fell and hurt herself and was taken to the hospital. It wasn’t until Thursday when she asked deputies to check on her husband, Rocky.

When deputies arrived at the home, Priser was barricaded inside.

Deputies finally entered the home two hours later, arrested Priser and found her father’s body wrapped in a cloth.

Neighbor Dylan Singletary was shocked to hear the news.

“Especially for it to be this close, it’s an eye-opener,” he said. “Who can you trust, you know what I mean? There’s good people and bad people, but how do we know?”

Priser was charged with her father’s murder and appeared in court Friday. A judge set her bond at $500,000.

Priser has refused to cooperate with investigators and said her mother is lying about her father’s death.

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