Apparently not everyone in L.A. wants LeBron

July 9, 2018

Apparently not everyone in L.A. wants LeBron

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Los Angeles will never appreciate LeBron James as much as Cleveland did.

That much is clear after a mural declaring the former Cavaliers as “The King of L.A.” was apparently vandalized over the weekend.

The mural, painted outside Baby Blues BBQ in Venice, California, went up Friday and quickly drew the ire a Lakers fan on Twitter offering fans $300 to vandalize it. Apparently, the guy, who eventually deleted the tweet, had a problem with James being declared the King of L.A. before winning a title there.

By Sunday morning, the painting appeared to have been defaced with not-so-neighborly messages including “We don’t want you,” “LeFraud,” “No King” and “3-6″ (a dig at James’ record in the Finals). The graffiti was cleaned up a few hours later but with the word “of” conspicuously removed.

pic.twitter.com/YFw26ko58G— LWOS LA Lakers (@LWOSLALakers) July 8, 2018

James is currently on an European vacation with his family. This isn’t the first time he has been the target of vandals. Somebody painted a racial slur on the gate outside his home in Brentwood last year.

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