Getting groovy: 1970s celebration planned

January 10, 2019

Break out the beads and bell-bottom jeans, because The Friedhof Building is going back to the 1970s.

Starting at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 18, The Oak Room inside the venue, 1270 27th Ave. in Columbus, will be hosting a ’70s themed party. The event is free to attend and open to all ages. Venue co-owner Robert Gasper said the goal is to celebrate all things the 1970s and provide a fun outlet for people.

“I think some people will have some cabin fever after the holidays, so it just gives people an opportunity to get out, let loose and have some fun for a night,” he said.

The party will feature food, drinks, music and decor from the decade. A DJ will provide music, along with karaoke and open mic singing. Popular artists from the decade include The Bee Gees, Elton John, Led Zeppelin and ABBA. Robert Gasper said he and his wife are expecting between of 100 to 140 people to attend. The 70s theme has grown in popularity in recent years, as Gasper said that current generation in their 40s to 60s has grown nostalgic for it.

Coming to the party decked out in period attire is encouraged, with prizes given to the best dressed. The event will also feature the best 70s photo contest, in which people can bring in their nostalgic photos and win prizes. Several classic arcade cabinets will be available to play, like “Pac-Man” and “Asteroids.” Gasper’s favorite thing that reminds him of the 1970s will also be making an appearance: The drink mix Tang.

“Tang was like the original orange themed drink,” Robert Gasper said. “It was a big deal.”

The idea for a 70s themed party was suggested to the owner by a customer. He then made a post on Facebook on Dec. 2 seeking feedback, with many writing in support of the throwback event. Peggy Joseph Skorupa, of Columbus, wrote on Facebook: “Sounds like a ‘far out’ idea!” Marcela Torres Hernandez, of Columbus, wrote, “I’m not from the ’70s. I was born in 1981, but sure love disco music.”

Gasper’s wife and business co-owner, Tracy Gasper, said people seem really excited for the event. After the success of their New Year’s Eve party, the owners are ready to host another evening of fun.

“We’re getting a lot of positive feedback,” Tracy Gasper said. “After we did our New Year’s party, people are excited to dress up and come back.”

Robert described the 1970s like an interesting and unique time, noting he’s excited to host a celebration of its aesthetics. He said the decade was a turning point in history as the world changed and modern pop-culture took hold.

“It was modern as in people getting past the more formal ’50s and ’60s, but then the ’70s was before the computer age. So it was that transition from the more formal ’50s, and 60s and the computerized and media dominated 80s and 90s.”

The next party the venue will host will be for Valentine’s Day.

Eric Schucht is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at eric.schucht@lee.net.

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