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Bright and Brief

January 3, 1985

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio (AP) _ City Councilman Tony Danzo complained about speeding traffic on his quiet residential street, so police set up a radar stakeout, and the first person they nabbed was - Tony Danzo.

″I think they’re pretty efficient,″ said Danzo.

Officer Jeff Urban issued the citation an hour after the radar equipment was set up Monday, charging Danzo, 36, with driving 37 mph in a 25-mph zone.

Danzo’s arraignment was set for Monday, but Ohio law allows minor traffic offenders to skip court appearances by posting bond - in this case, $38.


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Maybe they thought they were getting sirloin, but the thieves who took 40 boxes from a truck got 2,400 pounds of tripe.

Tripe? That’s the stomach of a cow or ox, cut into strips. Some people use it for food. But a second dictionary definition of the word is nonsense or anything worthless.

Truck driver Dennis Reeser told police he picked up 650 boxes of tripe in St. Paul, Minn., and stopped in Des Moines Tuesday on his way to Los Angeles.

He said he parked the tractor-trailer truck on a street and left the engine running because he was having problems with the starter. The thieves tried to steal the whole truck but killed the engine after moving it ″about a foot,″ Reeser told police.

They backed another vehicle up to the trailer and hauled away the tripe, he said.

If they had searched the trailer, Reeser said, the thieves might have found 220 cases of sirloins a few feet from the tripe.


BOSTON (AP) - It took Democrat George Keverian of Everett 14 months of dogged, behind-the-scenes campaigning to win the right to wield the gavel in the Massachusetts House. On Thursday, his second day in office, it broke.

Actually, the mahogany-colored mallet broke in the hands of Senate President William Bulger, who was presiding briefly in the House Chamber over a joint House-Senate session.

Red-faced, Bulger improvised.

″The chair would like to announce a dramatic change in the handling of the House. He will henceforth do it without a gavel,″ Bulger deadpanned.

Within minutes, a substitute of blond wood was supplied for Keverian, who deposed former Speaker Thomas W. McGee on Wednesday.

When Keverian took the podium to preside over the remaining House business, he tapped lightly with the new gavel.

House Clerk Robert MacQueen supplied an explanation for the gavel gaffe.

″It’s because it’s a different quality gavel. The one Speaker McGee used was given to him by Speaker (Stanley) Fink, head of the New York Assembly. It was a different type wood and it was constructed differently. The shaft went all the way through the gavel. These new ones have the shaft screwed into the gavel,″ MacQueen said.

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