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Court nixes grandparents’ visitation over parents’ objection

November 7, 2017

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Delaware’s Supreme Court has reversed a judge’s ruling allowing a couple supervised visits with their grandchildren, despite the objections of the children’s parents.

The court on Tuesday said that the Family Court ruling issued earlier this year amounted to an abuse of discretion.

The Family Court acknowledged that the parents’ objections to visitation by the grandparents were not unreasonable, given clear evidence of the grandparents’ meddling in the children’s lives and their hostility toward the parents.

But the court nonetheless awarded the grandparents the right to visitation in a “supervised, therapeutic setting” to minimize the parents’ concerns.

The Supreme Court said there was no basis to support the Family Court decision. Instead of remanding the case for further proceedings, the justices simply reversed the decision and denied the grandparents’ petition.

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