BHS students perform one-act play that spoofs Dickens’ Christmas classic

November 17, 2018

Beatrice High School students presented their one-act play “I’m NOT Ebenezer Scrooge,” on Thursday and Friday at the Hevelone Center.

The comic retelling of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” starts Damion Tomjack as Carter, a modern-day penny pincher who gets dumped on Christmas Eve.

KayLeigh Volkmer plays Ella, Carter’s ex, while Joshua Netherton stars at the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and Jacob Marley.

Other students in the one-act play include Brandon Neil, Emmalee Undereiner, Olivia Matlock, Iziaha Lane-Johnson, Ellie Whitfield, Jonas Weber and Jayden Reed.

The play’s director is Emily Brumond. BHS students have performed the one-act in competition, where the students are timed. Plays must be under 30 minutes to avoid losing points.

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