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Sunday’s Super Bowl Pick Looks a Little Lopsided

January 25, 1995

MIAMI (AP) _ Is there anyone out there who honestly thinks the San Francisco 49ers won’t beat the San Diego Chargers in Sunday’s Super Bowl?

There are those people out there who figure if they pick the Chargers and the team somehow wins, they’ll be viewed as geniuses. If the Chargers lose, it’s seen as no big deal.

Consider this:

_ The NFC team has won the last 10 Super Bowls.

_ The average score in each of those 10 games was 38-15.

_ The score of the regular-season game between the 49ers and Chargers was 38-15 and that was played on the Chargers’ home field, not the neutral turf of Joe Robbie Stadium.

_ The Chargers are here because Pete Stoyanovich missed a last-minute field goal for Miami and because Dennis Gibson got his little finger to knock away a pass that Pittsburgh’s Barry Foster was about to catch in the end zone.

_ The quarterback for the 49ers is Steve Young. The quarterback for the 49ers is Stan Humphries.

And on and on. The Chargers are stronger in only two places _ kicker (John Carney over Doug Brien) and backup quarterback (Gale Gilbert over Elvis Grbac).

All this is evident when the odds keep going up, from 17 1/2 points to 20. Even with the largest spread ever, the money kept coming in on the 49ers.

And it was evident at the media sessions this week, when the crowds around the Chargers were about two-thirds the size of the crowds around the 49ers.

OK, so the 49ers have Deion Sanders (``I’m household,″ he said) as a sideshow as well as a cornerback. But the Chargers are so obscure that one of their defensive backs, Eric Castle, asked ESPN’s Chris Berman to pose for a picture with him.

Interestingly, Castle could have been ``household″ in San Diego if Stoyanovich’s kick had been good, but a very negative ``household″ _ his pass interference on Scott Miller set up the attempt.

As for a pick, two numbers keep popping up: 44 and 17.

Guess which team will score which.

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