Cross country hug tour comes to Stamford to buck up city’s finest

July 31, 2018

STAMFORD-A eight-year-old girl making a tour through New England hugging police officers as she went made a brief stop in Stamford to greet the city’s finest.

Rosalyn Baldwin from Louisiana spent the night at the Hilton Hotel on Stamford place Friday to spend the night on her country-wide trip to hug as many police officers as she can.

Baldwin has been to many places like Ferguson, Missouri, Cincinnati, Ohio and Houston, Texas where violence has gripped communities in hopes of showing support for the men and women in blue.

On Friday after a hotelier offered the little girl and her parents a free room, Lt. Gene Dohman, who runs the Hostage Negotiation Squad and patrol officer Kevin Becroft paid Baldwin a visit.

So far after checking the box off for Connecticut, Baldwin has visited her 35th state on her quest to visit every one in the Union and hug a police officer under each state flag.


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