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Friends Call Bomb Suspect Likable

March 22, 1998

PIERCETON, Ind. (AP) _ The man charged with sending a package bomb that killed a 17-year-old Vermont boy was a likable person with a passion for golf, guns and CB radio, friends and family said.

It was that interest in CB radios that put 35-year-old Christopher Dean of Pierceton, Ind., in contact with Christopher Marquis of Fair Haven, Vt. Federal officials said Dean sent a package bomb to Marquis because he was angry about deals they made over the Internet for CB radio equipment.

Dean’s ex-wife said she hasn’t talked to him in 10 years, but even then he was interested in CBs.

``He collected CBs and had a base unit and talked with people all of the time,″ Lisa Kozitzki of Alma, Mich., told The Journal Gazette newspaper of Fort Wayne.

``He’s a very likable character,″ she said. ``He always seemed like a nice person on the outside, but who knows what goes on the inside.″

Kozitzki, 32, was married to Dean for two years more than 10 years ago. Besides CBs, she said her ex-husband was interested in golf and guns.

The couple had a daughter, now 12. Kozitzki said he has rarely paid child support.

Kenneth McGarvey, who lived across the street from Dean and his current wife, said he was a friendly person.

``But they weren’t the type of people that you found out personal or private things about them,″ McGarvey said Friday. ``They didn’t have many visitors. They’d smile and chat with you, though.″

Dean and his wife moved to a more rural area near Pierceton about a year ago, McGarvey said.

Dean worked at Pierceton’s Little Big Horn Golf Club for a couple of years, said Lee Webb, the club’s owner.

Webb said Dean worked on the grounds, doing a ``little bit of everything, depending on what was needed.″

According to court records, Dean complained to an acquaintance that he had swapped radio parts with ``a guy in Vermont″ and paid the person $400 but did not receive what he wanted in exchange.

Dean is accused of sending a bomb through United Parcel Service to Marquis’ house. The explosion killed Marquis and seriously injured his 52-year-old mother.

Dean is being held in jail in Indiana pending extradition to Vermont to face federal charges of interstate transportation of explosives with the intent to kill or injure and placing an explosive device on an airplane.

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