MAKHACHKALA, Russia (AP) _ Russian jets bombed suspected guerrilla camps inside Chechnya today, and the military warned that Islamic gunmen gathered along the border might launch a new invasion.

Russia said it had wiped out four rebel bases in some 100 sorties over the weekend, but no casualty figures were immediately available from the latest strikes.

The raids were aimed at weakening militants that Russia said were preparing to invade its southern province of Dagestan, the site of two previous incursions from Chechnya since the start of August. Hundreds of militants seeking to carve out a separate Islamic state in Dagestan were said to be just across the border.

Russia says its air raids and artillery shelling from Dagestan have inflicted heavy losses on the gunmen. But the militants say hundreds of civilians have been killed.

Defense Ministry spokesman Alexander Agafonov said today that the threat of invasion still remained. Federal troops have been deployed along the mountainous border for several days to protect against a new incursion.

Meanwhile, a handful of militants attacked Russian troops Sunday in the Novolakskoye region, one area that was seized by the gunmen in September. No casualties were reported in the skirmish.

Also Sunday, three Dagestani policemen were wounded in the village of Chabanmakhi after fighting broke out with gunmen. The village was one of two that had been taken over by well-armed Islamic fundamentalists more than a year ago. Russian troops regained control of the villages last week.

Overall casualty figures since the fighting began in August have been hard to come by. Russia claims to have lost 243 federal troops and to have killed some 1,500 rebels. The militants have not given their own figures, but say they've killed many more Russian soldiers and lost fewer of their own.

Chechnya has run its own affairs since Russian troops were driven out in a 1994-96, and has been a source of unrest in the Caucasus Mountains region.