SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ The only survivor of four men who stormed a Sacramento electronics store and held 38 hostages was convicted of murder today in the deaths of three hostages.

The same Superior Court jury will reconvene to decide whether Loi Khac Nguyen, 25, will be sentenced to death or to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

He also was convicted of eight counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a firearm and 38 counts of kidnapping for his part in the takeover and eight-hour siege at the Good Guys store in April 1991.

Nguyen's two younger brothers and a friend were killed by sheriff's deputies and Nguyen was seriously wounded.

Officers said one of Nguyen's brothers had killed the three hostages. However, prosecutors said Nguyen was legally responsible because he was the planner and instigator.

Defense lawyer Linda Parisi said the Vietnamese refugee was a would-be peacemaker who accepted an offer by deputies to surrender but couldn't persuade his cohorts to go along. She also said his experiences in refugee camps had made him distrustful of police.

Police said at the time the gunmen belonged to a gang but apparently were acting on their own in an attempt to gain attention.

Parisi said the four wanted to return to Vietnam and fight the present government.

Jurors reached the verdict Tuesday after two days of deliberations but it was sealed until today.

The trial was moved to San Francisco because of extensive pre-trial publicity in Sacramento.