Our View: As one road construction projects gets close to end, another begins

March 26, 2019

As any driver who spends any amount of time attempting to traverse this town, Lake Havasu Avenue is a bit of a mess right now, thanks to the ongoing median project. Joyfully, the end of that particular traffic nightmare gets a little closer every day. City officials say that despite an unusual amount of rain and bad weather, crews are still on track to have the median project finished by Memorial Day.

As one headache ends, however, another is just beginning. Starting in April, road crews will begin a $2 million road-widening project along Swanson Avenue. The project includes the addition of sidewalks, a multi-use path and a bicycle path. It is mostly funded by the Arizona Department of Transportation and it’s expected to take about four months to complete. The overlap period between the Lake Havasu Avenue construction and the Swanson project should be a particularly interesting time to be a driver in Havasu, since Swanson is currently a great way to avoid the traffic mess on Lake Havasu Avenue.

We’re surprised the agencies in charge of these two major road projects didn’t coordinate a little better. We can’t think of any good reason for two of Havasu’s thoroughfares to be under construction at the same time. We wish some more thought had gone into the planning.

However, construction or not, complaining about traffic is a longstanding tradition. There’s probably no good time to tear up well-traveled roads, so it’s better to get it out of the way. Ultimately, everybody knows that a little pain in the short term is worth it if it means better roads in the long term.

— Today’s News-Herald