Barbara Wilson: A fable for our time

February 28, 2019

Editor: Not so long ago a pseudo-gentleman named Hy Krymes and his paramour, Miss Dee Meanors, after searching long and hard, far and wide, finally found a suitable residence at the end of quaint and historic Pennsylvania Avenue in the very heart of the land called the “U.S. of A”.

This towering edifice had once been home to the hard-working and honorable servants of the people, tending to the correspondence of the mundane and vital infonnation of the city, country, and indeed, the world.

The aging building fell prey to the wiles and machinations of a Mr. T. Rump, an aging and not-so-scrupulous scion of a not-so-scrupulous but successful entrepreneur of the time.

The junior Mr. T. Rump taught his own progeny the ways of his world and the arts of his deals. They managed the everyday business of the refurbished building, extolling its virtues and beauty to all the world, enticing visitors from faraway lands. It mattered little that when Mr. T. Rump assumed the role of Supreme Leader (some would say Emperor) of the land called the U.S. of A., he and his children continued their “ business as usual” activities, reaping huge profits all the while.

Enter Mr. Hy Krymes and Miss Dee Meanors: their relationship with Mr. T. Rump flourished unabated.

Until, however, the powerful advocate of rightfulness and propriety intervened. Mr. Mal Feasance- in-office and his assistants soon put things right and the logical and proper conclusion prevailed.

Moral: Be careful who you invite to your residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Barbara Wilson

Lake Havasu City