Vikings face Blue Devils

September 15, 2018

The No.5 (C-1) Lakeview High football team will play host to Wayne at 7 tonight in a Week 4 non conference matchup. Lakeview comes into the game undefeated with victories over Fillmore Central, Douglas County West and Boone Central/Newman Grove.

The Wayne Blue Devils have put together a record of 2-1 with a two-game winning streak. After losing to No. 6 Wahoo, Wayne defeated O’Neil and Arlington.

Vikings head coach Kurt Frenzen said he was happy with how practice went on Wednesday leading up to the game.

“We had a good session tonight. I thought tonight’s practices was one of the better ones we’ve had,” he said. “I was glad to see us follow up with a practice, when maybe we weren’t up to our standards yesterday, and follow it up with one of our better ones of the year tonight.”

Frenzen described Wayne as a team with both size and speed that can cause problems for opposing teams.

“They’re big and athletic,” he said. “They’re big up front, and then the back guys, they’re athletes running around on defense, and on offense it’s a bunch of guys that can make plays, so they’ve got a little mix. They’re big enough where they can run power at you, but they’re athletic enough where if they can get in open space they can be a real pain for you.”

Frenzen also completed the coaching staff at Wayne.

″(They’re a) well coached football team,” he said. “They play very hard. Football is important to them. We’re going to have to bring a really good game for them on Friday if we want to come out on top.”

Despite Wayne’s size and speed, Frenzen said he believes that Lakeview matches up pretty well.

“I think up front we’re pretty even, the way it appears,” he said. “I think it’s an even game all the way around to be quite honest with you.”

Frenzen said with the teams evenly matched, it comes down to being better in certain aspects of the game.

“When you play teams that are very even with you it’s going to come again to not making mental mistakes, taking care of the football and winning the special teams,” he said. “We’re going to have to be really great in those areas because we’re just matched up so evenly. We’re going to have to excel in those areas if we want to come out on top.”

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sports@columbustelegram.com

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