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Moslems Burn Bush Effigy to Condemn U.S. Force in Gulf With AM-Gulf Rdp, Bjt

August 31, 1990

NEW DELHI, India (AP) _ Hundreds of Moslems emerged from their weekly prayers at India’s largest mosque Friday and burned an effigy of President Bush to protest the American presence in the Persian Gulf.

A cloth-and-stick effigy decorated with two American flags and ″Bush″ written across its face was set on fire by Moslem youths outside the Jama Masjid, or the Jama mosque.

″Down with America 3/8″ and ″Long live Arab unity 3/8″ the men screamed as they pounded the effigy with fists and sticks. Then it was lit by leaders of the All India Muslim Youth and Students’ Council, the group that organized the protest.

The council ″fully supports the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and people of Iraq in their struggle against America and Israel,″ its president, Mohammad Younus Siddiqui, said.

His speech was greeted with wild cheers by about 200 demonstrators surrounding the burning effigy.

In a separate statement, the council condemned the Saudi rulers for ″inviting the unholy Americans and Jews on the holy land.″

The statement did not specifically comment on Iraq’s Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait.

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