SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) _ Jerod Haase, a 1992 graduate of South Tahoe High and three-year member of the University of Kansas basketball team, is retiring from competitive basketball.

``I'm done playing basketball. It's time to go on to something else,'' said Haase, 24, who has been plagued by a nagging wrist injury. He plans on pursuing a business or coaching career.

Haase has had two surgeries to repair a broken scaphoid bone in his shooting hand, but the wrist has failed to heal adequately. That hindered his performance at NBA tryouts along with a brief professional stint in Macedonia.

``As far as I'm concerned, I've reached the apex of my playing career,'' Haase says. ``It's always a possibility I'll try it again. I'm never going to say 100 percent. As a healthy player, I think I can go against anybody. But in my mind I'm done.''

``If I continued to play right now, I'd essentially trash the wrist and have trouble doing things later in life.''

Haase helped take South Tahoe to a state championship in 1992. He competed in four NCAA tournaments and wrote a book, ``Floor Burns,'' an account of his senior year with the Jayhawks.