Response to column: Stefanowski wished to help state

November 13, 2018

I have known Bob Stefanowski and been a best friend of his since Junior High School. He is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and sadly wont get the opportunity to make a real difference in this state.

This is in response to Ken Dixon’s column on Sunday, “A Trojan Horse fades in stretch.” Basically everything you wrote in your article is wrong, but I would not expect differently from an elitist, arrogant, condescending liberal. You are all so predictable and of course always wrong.

If the brilliant “aggressive” reporters knew so much, then how come they would not have voted for someone different? Do you really think Ned Lamont is going to do anything for this state unless of course you have a state pension or belong to the cities who always vote for free stuff. The funny thing is, you are too smart to not understand this which makes you a phony.

You also know that Supply Side Trickle Down does work as President Trump is proving. Of course, he is so politically incorrect and so “common.” You hate him because he makes fun of the press and finally calls them out for their incredible liberal bias. They deserve everything they get. They have been lying to the American people for years.

There are two types of liberals: those on the dole, which I doubt you fall under, and then the category of limousine liberal that you fall into. Your type is even more despicable. Poor people don’t know better and listen to “smart people” like you. You know better.

You know what Bob would have done would have worked and yet you continue the lies and demonization. I will never understand what makes you tick “Small Ken.” “Big Bob” is not only 10 times smarter than you, he is also much more accomplished and truly wishes to help this state. Something you are obviously not interested in.

Robert P. Scelzo


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