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Report: Dick Morris, wife splitting up

January 5, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ The wife of former presidential aide Dick Morris has decided to leave him, citing ceaseless public pressure since he was accused of being a regular customer of a $200-an-hour prostitute, the Daily News reported Sunday.

``It had been one crisis after another and I finally had a chance to think,″ Eileen McGann told the paper. ``I had really hoped and believed that as time went by, this would disappear as a public issue and become a private issue between Dick and me, but that didn’t turn out to be true. I realized it would never go away.″

The scandal surfaced in August during the Democratic National Convention with a report about Morris’ relationship with prostitute Sherry Rowlands, who sold her story to a supermarket tabloid.

Rowlands claimed Morris, President Clinton’s top political adviser, shared sensitive information and let her listen to phone calls with the president.

Morris, 48, who had been an adviser to Clinton since he ran for Arkansas governor in 1978, immediately resigned. His wife appeared at his side for the media outside their home in a show of loyalty some say Morris didn’t deserve.

``I felt loyalty, but I didn’t think I wouldn’t be thinking later about what’s best to do here,″ said McGann, a lawyer.

Reporters staked out their Connecticut home.

``We literally felt surrounded and under siege,″ McGann said.

McGann, 48, was further scandalized by a subsequent report of another Morris infidelity, this involving a 15-year relationship with a Texas woman that produced a child.

``I felt like I lost my privacy completely,″ McGann said.

She reached her decision to end the 20-year marriage last week, while traveling without Morris in California.

``We’re both sad and I think he’s struggling but we’re both still friends,″ McGann said. ``I think we both accept the fact at this point that we need to go our separate ways.

``And, for me, at least part of the reason is if even I could forgive what happened, I can’t escape the story,″ she said. ``I am almost daily deluged with more and more.″

Telephone calls by The Associated Press to the couple’s home on Sunday rang unanswered.

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