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Videotape Shows Killing of Victim Tied to Tree

September 6, 1990

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ An admitted murderer wouldn’t watch a courtroom showing of a videotape that shows her firing four shots into her victim. Her ex-boyfriend testified Thursday she later bragged about the killing.

The videotape was shown during a sentencing hearing for Deidre Hunt, 21. She has admitted shooting 19-year-old Mark Kevin Ramsey last Oct. 20 in woods west of Daytona Beach as part of a tangled murder-for-hire plot.

Her former boyfriend, Newman Taylor, said she told friends she was trying to become a paid assassin and part of Kosta Fotopoulos’ ″Hunter-Killer Club.″

″She said ‘Do you know what it feels like to grab someone by the hair and blow their brains out? It feels good,’ ″ Taylor, 21, testified.

Assistant State Attorney David Damore said Fotopoulos, 31, was trying to arrange the death of his wife, Lisa, in hopes of inheriting her money. He made the tape to ensure Miss Hunt’s cooperation in finding a killer and to eliminate the youth as a possible witness in other illegal activities the men were involved in, Damore said.

Prosecutors say she and Fotopoulos tied Ramsey to a tree and shot him. Miss Hunt said Ramsey’s murder was videotaped by Fotopoulos.

The state also says other witnesses told them Hunt bragged about the killing and showed off sneakers stained with Ramsey’s blood.

The videotape was viewed by a courtroom of spectators Wednesday. Miss Hunt turned away and plugged her ears with her fingers as the tape was shown.

The videotape shows her pulling a silencer-equipped .22-caliber pistol from her waistband and checking it. She raises her arm and fires three times rapidly.

Ramsey grunts as the first bullet hits him, then grunts again and raises his left leg in agony. He slumps forward, groans ″God.″

Miss Hunt then lifts Ramsey’s head by the hair, places the gun against his temple and fires again. Ramsey collapses to the ground.

The state was seeking the death penalty in the hearing before Circuit Judge S. James Foxman. The defense argued for the only alternative, a life sentence with no possible parole for 25 years.

Miss Hunt also has pleaded guilty to the Nov. 4 killing of Brian Chase, 18. As part of the murder plot, he was to break into the Fotopoulos home and shoot Mrs. Fotopoulos as she slept.

He did, but was then shot to death by Fotopoulos, who called police to report that he had killed an intruder who shot his wife, authorities said.

Mrs. Fotopoulos survived and later filed for divorce.

Fotopoulos faces trial on two murder counts for the deaths of Ramsey and Chase.

During opening statements at the sentencing hearing, the defense said Miss Hunt was abused as a child, is an emotional cripple and can’t appreciate the enormity of her actions.

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