KABOKWENI, South Africa (AP) _ A man went on a shooting rampage in the predawn hours Thursday, killing seven people, including five family members, before committing suicide.

The killings in Kabokweni village in northeast South Africa came just four days after a former soldier shot dead seven of his relatives on a farm in the Cape Town area, then surrendered to police.

In Thursday's attack, the 60-year-old gunman, whose name was not immediately released by police, first killed his two wives, aged 50 and 35, and his 6-year-old daughter, said police Inspector Olga Marais. In some traditional African societies, men have several wives.

The killer then went to his son's house and shot his son and daughter-in-law, both aged 35, in the head. The couple died at the scene.

The man then broke into a house across the road where he shot a 28-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter. The little girl later died in in a hospital, where her mother was in stable condition.

The gunman and the woman had apparently been in a dispute over his cattle grazing on her land.

Still intent on settling grievances, the gunman went to another house where he shot and injured a woman whose husband allegedly owed him $25. She was hospitalized in stable condition.

The gunman then entered another house where he shot dead a 65-year-old man who was thought to have owed him $5. He then went to the home of one of his son's friends home and set it ablaze. No one was at the house at the time.

The man then returned to his own house and fatally shot himself in the head, police said.