Scotts Bluff commissioners approve Wyoming correctional contract

December 19, 2018

GERING — The Scotts Bluff County Board of Commissioners approved a contract with the state of Wyoming to house state prisoners during the commissioner’s regular meeting on Dec. 17.

Joseph Gaul, director of the Scotts Bluff County Detention Center, said the contract is a good starting place for the county’s relationship with the state.

“Initially, they’re going to start sending people over from Lusk for us to house,” he said. “We’re probably looking right at upward of 36-40 females, but this is going to be for the whole state of Wyoming, not just specifically Lusk.”

The contract specifies that Wyoming will be paying $75 per day for each prisoner. Commissioner Mark Masterton asked if that amount is enough to make the contract worth it to the county. Gaul called it a decent amount, with potential to grow with time.

“We either start off with something and work our way up as time progresses, or we overshoot our price and get turned down. As of right now, it’s enough to get us started and as we move on, in future years we can reevaluate our costs and ask for more revenue,” Gaul said.

In addition to the Wyoming correctional contract, the commissioners also approved a $11,460 bid from A&N Properties to build a wall in the county’s horse barn, as part of a plan to turn half the building into storage space.

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