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On the Light Side

May 18, 1990

TOKYO (AP) _ A toy maker announced today that it plans to sell Gorby dolls beginning next month, and a similar model you can really bank on.

One doll, which Tokyo-based Avanti Co. is basing on Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, is about 10 inches tall and dressed in a fake leather or denim jacket or a sweat shirt. When its stomach is squeezed, the doll slightly opens its mouth and makes a squeaky cry. The price: $25.

A simpler 8-inch ″Gorby bank″ model, in orange, green, red or black, will cost the equivalent of about $12, a spokesman for Avanti said.

″I hope we can make politics more of an everyday thing by introducing such toys,″ said Avanti spokesman Tomoki Kajiwara.

″Although we made this ‘Gorby’ look cute in order to attract children and young women, I think intellectuals or male college students will be mainly interested. We are quite curious to know who would buy them.″

He said 500,000 of the dolls would be produced initially, with additional production for sales in the United States and Europe later this year.


NEWPORT, Pa. (AP) - When Stacey Hoover was growing up on a poultry farm, her mother teased her that she’d be married in a turkey barn.

Miss Hoover will have the last laugh Saturday, when she marries Mark Butcher in a barn that housed 6,000 turkeys until two weeks ago.

″Mark and I have close to 225 people coming to our wedding, and there is no church big enough in Newport to hold that many people,″ said Miss Hoover, 23. ″So I decided, why not get married in one of our turkey barns?″

The Hoovers have two farms in the Newport area, and they own a meat and produce store and farm near Mechanicsburg. Miss Hoover runs the store while her fiance, whom she met four years ago while they were college students, manages the farm operations.

The bride-to-be said her parents, Jim and Sandra Hoover, support her plans.

″At first, they laughed,″ she said. ″Then they found out that we meant it.″

The turkeys have been moved out to make way for wedding guests, flowers, an organ and a harp.

Miss Hoover she plans a ″very traditional service - as serious as if we were in church.″

After the ceremony, the guests will head to a reception at the Carlisle Country Club, where they will feast on roast turkey.

Miss Hoover said her married name will be Butcher, ″which is good since we own a butcher shop.″

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