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Bones Identified as 35th Victim of Serial Killer

May 4, 1986

SEATTLE (AP) _ Bones found in a wooded area were identified Sunday as the remains of a 19- year-old woman police say is the 35th confirmed victim of the Green River serial killer.

The woman, Maureen Sue Feeney, was last seen Sept. 28, 1983, in Seattle, said Fae Brooks, a spokeswoman for the Green River Task Force, the police agency tracking the killer.

Ms. Feeney, who lived in Seattle, was reported missing by her mother Sept. 30, 1983, Ms. Brooks said.

The woman was identified by dental records. Her skull, jawbone and some other bones were found Friday and Saturday near the sites where two earlier victims of the Green River killer were dumped, about 20 miles east of Seattle.

Ms. Brooks said the task force classified Ms. Feeney as the killer’s 35th confirmed victim ″because of the location of the discovery and because she’s female.″

Autopsy information will not be available until later in the week, said Vaughn Van Zant, an investigator in the medical examiner’s office.

The killer has frequently dumped victims in clusters. The unknown slayer also is blamed for the diappearances of 11 young women, but Ms. Feeney had not been on that list.

The killer has preyed mainly on young prostitutes and street people. Ms. Brooks said detectives were investigating Ms. Feeney’s background but had no immediate details.

About 30 task force officers, Explorer Scouts and members of the King County Ski Patrol-Avalanche Rescue Team spent Saturday searching the site where an employee of a nearby juvenile detention center found the skull Friday.

The skeleton of Amina Agisheff, a 36-year-old mother of three, was found April 18, 1984, in woods about two miles from where Ms. Feeney’s remains were found. Ms. Agisheff had been missing since July 7, 1982, and was apparently the killer’s first victim.

The skeletal remains of a still-unidentified young woman were found several hundred yards from the most recent discovery by self-described psychic Barbara Kubik-Patten on April 20, 1984.

The most recent confirmed Green River death occurred in February 1984. The most recent disappearance linked to the case was in March 1984.

The nation’s worst ongoing serial murder case takes its name from the Green River in south King County, where the bodies of the first recognized victims were found in 1982.

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