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Simpson Attorneys Launch New Effort to Get Tapes to Jury

September 1, 1995

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ One of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers said today the defense wants to question Mark Fuhrman outside the jury’s presence about the racially charged tapes in another effort to suppress evidence police collected at Simpson’s estate, including a bloody glove.

Lawyer Gerald Uelmen said the Fuhrman tapes offer new evidence that relate to defense allegations that Fuhrman planted evidence.

Uelmen told Superior Court Judge Lance Ito that he should reconsider his decision to allow into evidence the glove and blood drops on Simpson’s driveway and foyer.

The evidence was collected by police on June 13, 1994, just hours after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found slashed to death. The defense contends the former detective had no right to scale a wall at Simpson’s home and open a gate for other officers.

``We believe that the court should reopen the suppression issue and should consider all of the evidence contained in the Fuhrman tapes. And it should give us an opportunity to confront and cross-examine Detective Fuhrman with this newly discovered evidence so the court can make an informed judgment with respect to his credibility,″ Uelmen said.

Ito ordered Uelmen to file papers by Tuesday.

``We believe this newly discovered evidence is of such weight that the court will be compelled to come to a different conclusion with respect to the credibility of the explanation of the reason that the officers entered the premises and will be required to suppress all of the evidence found as a result,″ he said.

The suppression request marks the defense’s latest effort to inject the tapes into the trial after Ito ruled late Thursday that only two of 61 incidents bearing on Fuhrman’s purported racism, propensity for violence and framing suspects could be heard by the jury.


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