Lee County approves more solar farms

September 25, 2018

DIXON – The county has added two more proposed solar farms to its growing list of approved projects.

The county has received about a dozen petitions from energy companies in the past few months looking for special-use permits to develop solar farms, but actual development is contingent on landing a spot in the state’s solar program, which likely will be decided by a lottery early next year.

The County Board recently signed off on two projects.

One is from Trajectory Energy Partners LLC for a 2-megawatt system on 17 acres owned by Garth and Linda Dallam in Lee Center Township north of Shaw Road and west of Inlet Road.

The other is from Virginia-based Summit Ridge Energy for a 2-megawatt and 1-megawatt solar farm on about 21 acres owned by Marvin Gerdes at 1675 Pump Factory Road in South Dixon Township.

The City Council had had earlier concerns about that project because it’s next to city limits but wouldn’t need to go through any city processes, but by a 3-2 vote earlier this month decided not to pursue a resolution objecting to it .

The city supported the petition on the conditions that the project follows flooding prevention rules and doesn’t add to stormwater runoff, that it complies with the city building codes and that terms of the special use permit aren’t altered without the city’s permission.

A proposal going to the board next month, also from Trajectory Energy Partners, will be for a 2-megawatt solar farm on 17 acres owned by Gail and Jan Dallam in Amboy Township northwest of Lee Center Road and southwest of Inlet Road.

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