Langley First Baptist gets new steeple

January 24, 2019

LANGLEY — Hallelujah! Langley First Baptist Church has a new steeple to replace the one knocked off by a storm last August.

“We feel like a big piece has been missing, so it’s nice to see things coming back into line,” said the Rev. Richard Wilson, who is Langley First Baptist’s pastor. “This is a church that needs a steeple. When it doesn’t have one, it kind of looks like somebody without a hat.”

The steeple, which was manufactured in Texas, arrived at Langley First Baptist around noon Wednesday.

It is 52 feet tall, and the cross on top adds an additional 4 feet in height.

The cost of the steeple and its installation was $68,000. The old steeple’s removal from Langley First Baptist’s property and repair work on the church raised the total cost of the replacement project to more than $70,000.

Langley First Baptist purchased the new steeple from Church Furniture and Building Suppliers of Anderson.

Fortunately, Langley First Baptist had a good insurance policy, said Wilson, who became the church’s pastor last November.

He was serving as a missionary in Africa when the old steeple fell, but his father, Charles Wilson, who was Langley First Baptist’s pastor in the 1980s, let him know what had happened.

“It made my heart sad when I heard that it came down because of the longtime family ties that I have to this church,” Richard Wilson said.

Pam Smith, Langley First Baptist’s secretary, left and headed to the post office right before the storm toppled the old steeple. But she returned quickly after receiving a phone call from her husband, Ricky Smith, who told her the bad news.

“I think it’s just wonderful to finally get it all back in place again, so we can hear the chimes every day,” Pam Smith said. “The church hasn’t looked right without the steeple. It wasn’t complete. I’m excited. I think it’s pretty.”

Langley First Baptist is at 2841 Augusta Road.

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