Craftsy House back open and more

September 2, 2018

Artistic “village” growing within Cedartown building after Craftsy House, AJ’s Clothing moves up the block

A pair of local businesses who were on the south side of Main Street are now back open in new locations just a few blocks up the road now more on the north side of historic downtown Cedartown.

Craftsy House owner Merari Morales, along with AJ Mendez and her clothing store have opened back up at 219 Main St., Cedartown in the blue building between Cedarstream and the Cedartown Museum of Coca-Cola Memorabilia.

Morales also opened up the former office space to provide a place for their crafts to be sold as well.

That includes new business Curiosities Cabinet run by Kina Knowles, which also features the art and photo restoration work done by her daughter Kayla Knowles.

Morales continues her service of providing creative locals with a chance to better their artistic skill set or just sit down and have some fun painting a pre-made design either as individuals or planning a party at Craftsy House. Her storefront is available also to help local students in home school have a chance at instructor-led arts and crafts as well.

More information about what she has to offer can be found at facebook.com/craftsyhouse, or by calling 678-949-2504.

“I have art club on Wednesdays and Fridays for home school and after school students from 3 to 5 or 4 to 6 p.m. depending on if they are home school or after school,” she said.

Morales is asking those who want to participate be at least five and no older than 12 years for the after-school program twice weekly.

There’s also two sessions daily Monday through Friday with Yvonne Davis Wade specifically for home school students on Tuesday after press time.

She’s also got her plenty of space for parties and other events who want something creative to do while celebrating a special occasion.

The other side of the new storefront contains the space now occupied by AJ’s Clothing, which was opened earlier in the year as well next door to Craftsy House and made the move up the street.

Mendez provides a wide variety of brands and clothing styles, along with accessories within her new location and is open weekdays and Saturdays as well.

The new addition to the blue building, which Morales sees as part art village, contains Curiosities Cabinet, a scent and soap business created by Knowles, which provides handmade and all organic soap and scent products, along with artwork and jewelry created by hand.

Kayla Knowles also provides freelance art and photo restoration services within the shop space as well.

James Hill is also using some of the space in the new building to showcase his artwork, and others have painting and portraits of all kinds lining the main hallway as well.

Overall, it’s Morales’ hope that with a variety of artists showing the in the hallway, and new business opportunities coming up all the time, she’ll continue to grow within the Oilway building and make it more than just Craftsy House, but a full of Craftsy village.

Note that they’ll be open on Monday for Labor Day for those who have off and want to explore what is on offer.

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