16 accidents recorded on Lake Havasu Avenue since start of road construction

April 13, 2019

Roadwork at three intersections on Lake Havasu Avenue in the Havasu City have caused headaches, accidents and delays for drivers.

Friday morning, another accident occurred at the intersection of Havasu and Swanson avenues when a Peterbilt tractor trailer collided with a Volkswagen Golf.

Bob Drew, of Las Vegas, was making a gas delivery to a nearby station. He was on Swanson as he approached the intersection. He was in the middle lane and attempted to make a left turn onto Havasu.

“I was in the middle lane because there wasn’t enough room to be in the turn lane. The car tried to cut inside me. I had my signal on.”

The vehicle he hit, the Golf, was driven by Erik Edward Helland.

“I couldn’t really see what he (Drew) was doing at the time, but it turned out he was turning left, too,” Helland said.

The semi, as it was turning, caused some damage to passenger side fender and destroyed the sideview mirror. No one was hurt, but both drivers were clearly exasperated by what had occurred.

“I thought it would have been good if someone had been there to help me get through the intersection,” Drew said.

A City police officer responded to the scene, but neither driver was cited.

According to City Police records, there were 16 vehicle accidents that occurred in the areas under construction on Lake Havasu Ave from Swanson to Mesquite in 2019.

Havasu detective Chris Angus said those figures didn’t include private property accidents that resulted from motorists “cutting” through businesses to get out of the construction zones.