Bill Leslie: Strawberry harvest

May 8, 2019

Spring would seem empty without a jaunt into a juicy field of strawberries. This family tradition started when my two children were barely big enough to hold a bucket.

Now I take my grandchildren out to a pick-your-own farm and show them the thrill of plucking the ripe red fruit. In 30 minutes or so, we will have several buckets brimming with berries. Kids enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

I never picked strawberries as a child. I did harvest wild blackberries with my family at Swan Ponds near Morganton.

That was hard, sweaty work on the Fourth of July.

The payoff was worth it -- my mother’s scrumptious blackberry cobbler topped with a creamy concoction of brown sugar and country butter.

That blackberry cobbler will have to wait! Now is the time for Mountain High Strawberry Pie and other delicious recipes.

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