Blame Russia for Trump? Nevermore -- Pete Zenz

September 15, 2018

With apologies to Edgar Allen Poe:

Two years ago, as I remember,

A historic election in November

Set the libs about to crying,

Whining, screeching, and implying

This was rigged behind closed doors,

Russia’s behind it, that’s for sure;

The biased media had insisted

Trump can’t win, he’s just too twisted;

We need closure, to make some sense

[How ironic], of this offence

How could she lose, whom we adore?

Our lives are ruined evermore!

Let me remind those on the left,

For eight long years we were bereft

Of patriotic leadership --

Make no mistake, the right was gypped;

And though we loathed the odious boor,

That divisive traitor, to the core,

We managed to move on past the pain --

Though still the fraud should be arraigned --

Sure, we grumbled, groaned and moaned

About the man wrongly enthroned;

But the people voted, we didn’t ignore

The facts, from thence and heretofore;

Move on already, get over it;

Trump may be brash, but not unfit;

Find your safe place if you must --

Reconsider, readjust;

This too shall pass, as all before,

But blame Russia? Nevermore!

Pete Zenz, Middleton

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