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Preparing for Hurricane Season

May 23, 1998

Households in regions vulnerable to hurricanes should have the following items in storage for the season, which runs from June 1 to Nov. 30:

_ Drinking water (at least 7 gallons per person)

_ Battery-operated television or radio

_ Battery-operated clock

_ Spare batteries

_ Manual can opener

_ Flashlights

_ Waterproof matches

_ Toilet paper

_ Cash (ATMs may not work after the storm)

_ Sunscreen

_ Bleach or water purification tablets

_ Soap and detergent

_ Rain gear

_ Charcoal and light fluid

_ Disposable plates, glasses and utensils.

_ Baby supplies (if necessary)

_ Ice chest and ice

_ Valuable papers in a waterproof bag or container

_ Extra supply of necessary medicine

_ Non-perishable food: Canned meats, fish and soups, dried fruits, cereal, crackers, cookies, coffee and tea, peanut butter and jelly, pudding, powdered or evaporated milk, prepared foods such as canned spaghetti, soup, stew, chili. Pet food.

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