Highlands finds proposed nepotism policy too limiting

August 24, 2018

Highlands School Board member Judy Wisner says the district needs a nepotism policy, but found one proposed to the school board too limiting.

The school board decided to look into more policy options and do more research after discussing the proposed policy Monday night.

The policy that was before the board would prohibit the employment of anyone who is related to any school board member, commissioned officer or management level employee. It would apply to full-time and part-time professional and nonprofessional employment, but not volunteers.

It would not apply to any persons presently employed. Relatives could be considered for employment once the school board member, commissioned officer or management level employee has been out of their position for six months.

But Wisner said she feared the policy wold limit the district’s options on some things. She said the district should focus on getting the best candidate, which she was concerned the district would not be able to do with such a policy in place.

“I don’t know if this is the way we really want to go,” she said.

Assistant Superintendent Monique Mawhinney said officials could continue to work on the policy. Board President Debbie Beale said they could get more sample policies from other school districts, and figure out what would work best at Highlands.

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