Orchids and Onions: Friday, August 3, 2018

August 3, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to “Mowie’s” mom for your imagination and creativity. Always something clever for those special days and holidays. Havasu’s dinosaur Mowie always makes us smile! Check out Mowie’s home on Acoma near Clark Street and smile.

Orchids to Dr. St. Raymond. for being the great guy you are! Don’t mind seeing you twice a year; you keep me healthy.

Onions to inconsiderate renters or temps who store trashcans at the curb and fail to pick up circulars in driveways that blow all over the neighborhood. Your half-million dollar builder’s model is already out of place without becoming an eyesore too.

Orchids to the best GP in town! Never been healthier. Thank you, Southwest Primary Care. He’s the best! Professional in the Medical Field

Orchids to heart team Lori, Loretta, Tianna, and Richard. Thank you for the painless facilitation of my AICD. I appreciate you! Donna M.

Orchids to Brandon with Western Alarm for spending over 6 hours at our home fixing our alarm with a smile on your face the whole time. We truly appreciate your work ethic and expertise! Fellow Oregonians

Onions to dog owners who leave water and food outside in this heat. Why does a dog have to drink boiling hot water? No water inside? Why do you have a dog? Why?

Onions to the idiot that slammed his dog down on the sidewalk. I’d slam his head down, and hold it down with my work boot, and burn his face in this 120+ heat we have!

Orchids to the Glossed Girls Tonya and Kristen for following your dreams and building on those dreams.

Onions to the idiot neighbor shooting at a coyote in the wash this morning on Arroyo Dr. You could have shot me, my husband or my dog. What’s wrong with you? Yes, that was me shouting at you to stop shooting. That was no BB gun you were shooting.

Orchids to the young couple at Basha’s who returned my $100 bill. I walked the store asking everyone. My last hope was the check-out line with 15 people. I asked again and a man said yes. Everyone clapped! I offered a reward, but they declined. Good karma will come your way.

Orchids to All American Air. Nicest people, and so efficient. From Janie in the office to technician Richie, their service was excellent. Kind and caring, they solved my problem of a/c failure on hottest day ever. Grateful on Littler Lane

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