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More Rain and Flooding Feared for East and Midwest; Storm Arthur a Dud

June 20, 1996

Tropical Storm Arthur turned out to be more of a nuisance than a hazard to the North Carolina coast, but storms in Maryland claimed four lives and more rain was forecast.

Arthur was downgraded to a tropical depression as its sustained winds dropped to 35 mph as of 5 a.m. today. At the time, it was 40 miles north-northeast of Hatteras, N.C. Its chief effect on the coast was to inconvenience sun worshipers.

``It’s come and gone, for a couple of hours it has been cleared,″ said clerk Chrissy Gentile at the Sunset Beach Island Market. ``It’s a typical thunderstorm.″

Elsewhere, flooding caused problems in parts of the Midwest and East, including Maryland, where more than a foot of rain fell in some places since Tuesday.

In Maryland, one woman died when she was apparently swept from her car and drowned; a man died after being hit by lightning; and a man and woman died in a boating accident Wednesday on a rain-swollen river. The man’s body was pulled from the river, but the woman’s was left in the water overnight because of dangerous conditions facing rescuers.

In Wisconsin, the governor declared a state of emergency because of flooding that has swamped farm fields, filled basements, undercut rail lines and eroded away parts of Lake Michigan bluffs. The estimated damage is $20 million or more. Some lakes in the state were reported at their highest levels on record.

Up to 5 inches of rain have fallen in recent days in southeastern Michigan, sending sewage spilling into drains and rivers leading to Lake St. Clair. Swimmers, boaters and fishermen were warned to avoid the area for a few days.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be possible today in the East, Midwest, the western Gulf coastal region and western sections of Washington and Oregon.

The Southwest was expected to remain dry with near or above normal temperatures.

The hot spot in the lower 48 states was Coolidge, Ariz., at 115 degrees while the cool spot was Burns, Ore., at 21 degrees.

Other reports at 5 a.m. EDT (atmospheric conditions not available for many cities).

_East: Albany, N.Y. 60 cloudy; Atlanta 73 fair; Boston 60 rain; Buffalo 69; Charleston, S.C. 75 partly cloudy; Chattanooga 69 fog; Cincinnati 66 misty; Cleveland 67 misty; Detroit 69 misty; Hatteras 75 windy; Jacksonville 69 fair; Key West 82 partly cloudy; Knoxville 69 misty; Macon 73 fair; Miami 73 partly cloudy; New York 62 fog; Philadelphia 64 rain; Pittsburgh 69 misty; Portland, Maine 57 fair; Richmond 71 misty; Tampa 76 fair; Washington D.C. 76 cloudy.

_Central: Birmingham 69 cloudy; Bismarck 46 fair; Chicago 66 cloudy; Denver 53 fair; Des Moines 73 rain; Fort Worth 82 fair; Indianapolis 71 misty; Kansas City 71 fair; Little Rock 71 misty; Louisville 71 misty; Memphis 73 fair; Minneapolis-St. Paul 66 misty; Nashville 69 partly cloudy; New Orleans 73 fair; North Platte 60 cloudy; Oklahoma City 75 fair; Omaha 75 fair; Rapid City 46 fair; St. Louis 73 partly cloudy; San Antonio 78 fair; Sault Ste. Marie 58.

_West: Albuquerque 71 fair; Anchorage 55 cloudy; Boise 57 fair; Casper 46 fair; Fairbanks 60 cloudy; Great Falls 44 fair; Honolulu 78 partly cloudy; Las Vegas 87 windy; Los Angeles 62 partly cloudy; Medford 64; Pendleton 46 fair; Phoenix 89 fair; Portland, Ore. 58 fair; Reno 62 fair; Salt Lake City 60 cloudy; San Diego 64 cloudy; San Francisco 53 partly cloudy; Seattle 57 fair; Spokane 46 fair.