Teardrop trailers: Packing a lot of fun into a small size

April 8, 2019

Some camping aficionados of the activity like to do it in a smaller size. That’s where teardrop and vintage trailers play a role. Aficionados of the pint-size trailers may not be able to standup in their comfy abode but they assure you they’re not giving up any of the luxuries of the larger trailers.

Camper Kathleen LeBlanc argues that teardrop camping in fact enhances the camping experience because it brings people out of their trailers and into a welcoming community of people where once you leave a gathering, no one is a stranger.

The east coast native has been camping all her life but she’s been teardropping with her husband Dave for about eight years.

The pair is a member of multiple teardrop and vintage trailer groups that travel the Arizona, Nevada and California area and is a leader in dutch oven cooking.

“You can camp year-round,” LeBlanc said about the area. “We only get about two weeks of bad weather.”

LeBlanc’s trailer is 11 feet long and 6-and-a-half feet wide. LeBlanc said she pays no expense for comfort because she’s able to fit a full memory foam mattress inside along with a heater and just enough storage space.

In the back of the trailer is a small kitchen with vintage accents

reminiscent of her grandmother’s kitchen from the 1930s.

With that theme she was able to incorporate her signature of pink flamingos and LeBlanc said people who own teardrops usually leave their own mark of style.

“I can keep this in my garage,” LeBlanc said. “It makes it easier to pack up and ready to go.”

LeBlanc’s favorite part of teardropping is socializing with others who love the lifestyle.

“We’re so disconnected as a society and this gives us an opportunity to

enjoy the company of people,” she said. “Just sitting around the campfire, there’s nothing better than telling stories and face to face.” LeBlanc even goes as far as calling other teardroppers her family.

“That’s the attitude teardroppers bring to the table,” she said. “I’ve

never met anyone that was antisocial. I never met anyone with a ‘leave me alone attitude.’ That doesn’t exist in our group.”