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Profiles of Main Participants in William Kennedy Smith Trial With AM-Kennedy-Assault, Bjt

November 30, 1991

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Here are profiles of the main participants in the William Kennedy Smith rape trial:

The Defendant

Smith, 31-year-old nephew of U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., is the son of Jean Kennedy Smith and the late Stephen Smith, a Kennedy family financial adviser who died in 1990.

Raised in New York, Smith graduated from Duke University in North Carolina and the Georgetown University medical school in Washington, D.C. A planned residency at the University of New Mexico hospital was put on hold, as was his medical career, until the case is resolved.

The Alleged Victim

The 30-year-old woman was raised in a blue-collar family in Ohio. Her parents divorced and her mother is now married to a wealthy industrialist.

The woman lives in Jupiter, a community just north of West Palm Beach, with her 2-year-old daughter. She attended Rollins College and worked at Walt Disney World’s accounting department and at The Palm Beach Post as a clerk.

The Defense Team

Roy Black, 46, of Miami is Smith’s lead attorney. New York-born and Jamaica-raised, Black attended law school at the University of Miami. He was a public defender before entering private practice.

His other major cases involved representing Miami area police officers, including two cases in which officers were tried after shootings of black youths that sparked race riots.

Black’s partner, Mark Seiden, is a former Metro-Dade police detective who has mainly investigated the case.

Miami attorney Mark Schnapp, a former federal prosecutor, was assigned to Smith’s defense two days after the alleged March 30 rape through senior partner Marvin Rosen, a longtime ally of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. Schnapp has handled most of Smith’s pretrial motions.

Holly Skolnick, Schnapp’s associate, rarely appears in court but has helped write many of the pretrial motions.

The defense has been assisted by private investigator Patrick McKenna, a three-member jury selection team led by Texas-based Cathy Bennett, and experts in forensic psychiatry, public opinion polling and other areas.

The Woman’s Attorneys

David Roth and partner Douglas Duncan, two leading West Palm Beach defense attorneys, were retained to protect her interests in the case. They have provided a buffer for her against intense news media interest and have often filed motions and legal arguments seeking to protect her privacy under state victims’ rights law.

The Prosecution

Lead prosecutor is Moira (MORE-uh) Lasch, 40, chief of the felony division of the Palm Beach County state attorney’s office.

Born in Maryland, she graduated from Vassar College, then from the University of Maryland law school.

She joined the state attorney’s office in 1979, leaving briefly in 1984 for private practice. She was named Florida’s prosecutor-of-the-year in 1987 after winning convictions in three trials stemming from a ″murder-for-hire″ case.

She appears in the courtroom only with Ellen Roberts, an assistant state attorney, but has been assisted in the investigation by most other top prosecutors in her office, along with the Palm Beach police and county forensics experts.

The Judge

Circuit Judge Mary Lupo, 43, in 1978 became the county’s first female judge, then ran successfully in 1984 for a circuit court seat, handling civil division cases. She was assigned to the criminal division bench a year ago.

Born in Albany, N.Y., she earned degrees from Manhattanville College, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and the Georgetown University law school.

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