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Austrian politician compares EU with 3rd Reich

March 24, 2014

VIENNA (AP) — An Austrian far-right politician under fire for saying that Hitler’s rule may have been more liberal than European Union regulations on Monday acknowledged that he also disparaged blacks during a speech at a presentation of a book written by a fellow right-winger

Andreas Moelzer initially denied saying that Europe risked turning into a “conglomerate of Negroes ... where chaos multiplies (through) mass immigration.” He admitted doing so after a German newspaper posted a voice recording of his comments on Internet.

Earlier in the day, Jewish Community leader Oskar Deutsch and Eva Glawischnig, the head of Austria’s Greens party, demanded that Moelzer withdraw his candidacy to the EU parliament for saying that the European Union is a dictatorship that makes the Third Reich look “possibly ... liberal.”

Both comments were made last month but were reported only recently. Moelzer said he used the Third Reich comparison to point to EU over-regulation and that his anti-black comments were “inappropriate.”

Moelzer is on the far-right fringe of his FPO party, which has made huge gains over recent years with a stridently Eurosceptic, anti-corruption and anti-foreigner message. It now regularly polls as the most popular of all Austrian parties.

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