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Minot aims to merge city hall and technical center projects

March 10, 2019

MINOT, N.D. (AP) — Combining two major projects in Minot, a new city hall and a technical center, could allow both to move forward with federal government funding after devastating flooding.

Tom Barry, Minot City Manager, said the Department of Housing and Urban Development has published the city’s waiver in the Federal Register, granting a new city hall the chance to bring the two National Disaster Resilience projects together.

The federal agency had rejected the city’s waiver in 2016, citing the city hadn’t made sufficient progress at that time in satisfying the needs of the susceptible population, the Minot Daily News reported.

Meanwhile the career and technical center was limping along due to inadequate funding, Barry said. He said the $1.5 million allocated was not enough to carry the project.

“So we have since talked with HUD and others about maybe combining the CTE with the city hall, and using the money together to create a co-located facility, and that looks like that approach may allow for the CTE to get revived and maybe get located downtown,” Barry said.

The National Disaster Resilience program currently provides $3.75 million for the city hall building. By joining the two projects, adding the $1.5 million for the technical center along with another $1 million the council appropriated from sales tax, the total amount available could reach $6.2 million.

“I can tell you right now that will not be enough,” Barry said.

Barry also said the next step will be to conduct a space analysis to identify needs and find a property that meets those needs. An environment review would be required before HUD would issue funds for purchase.

The city has until Sept. 30, 2022, to spend the money set aside for city hall and the technical center.


Information from: Minot Daily News, http://www.minotdailynews.com