Letter to the editor: Where are the facts?

October 13, 2018

I would like to ask the Rev. Tony Joseph how he found out Hillary Clinton was crooked, as he stated in his letter (“Letter-writer wrong on priest’s ‘hero’,” Sept. 27, TribLIVE), when U.S. agencies have said she did nothing wrong. Did you make this up, or did you hear it on the Fox comedy and liars show?

Could you show me the evidence? I hate to think a man of the cloth makes false statements. I hope you didn’t learn that from Trump. Have you any facts?

Why do you think businessmen are out to help the needy and average people? The only thing they help is their bank accounts.

In Catholic grade school, I read that Jesus Christ chased the money-grabbers out of the temple. They’re called businessmen now -- and you want them back in the temple? You’re different than the clergy I know. My clergy help the needy, not the greedy. You care for businessmen, defend a draft dodger who has been married three times, makes fun of people with handicaps and calls people names.

I don’t need or want your blessing.

John Phil Moximchalk


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