Student brought marijuana vaporizer into Lake Havasu High School

November 29, 2018

Getting called to the principal’s office is rarely a good thing. When school resource officers get involved, however, it can be considerably worse.

A Lake Havasu High School student was cited and released Monday on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. According to police, the 18-year-old male entered the school with a marijuana vaporizer in his sweatshirt pocket.

The device works similarly to a nicotine vaporizer, but substitutes THC oil in place of nicotine. School officials found the vaporizer on the student’s person, the police report said, and detained him in an assistant principal’s office until school resource officers arrived.

According to the report, the student exercised his Fifth Amendment rights at the time of his citation, and no questions were asked of him. A further search of the student’s person allegedly yielded a THC oil canister.

The student was suspended from Lake Havasu High School for nine days, and may be required to appear before a Lake Havasu Unified School District hearing officer if school officials believe a long-term suspension to be necessary.

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