Two sides to the story

November 12, 2018

I’m writing in response to your article about the unsportsmanlike Mountain View football team that played Highland Friday at Holt Arena. This is what I observed as I attended the game. When MV first stepped on the field, the Highland fans began booing. Our students and boosters were told by Holt Arena staff that no banners were allowed to be hung up by either team. Highland placed banners above the MV bench that were meant to taunt the MV team. Of course the players would react and take derogatory banners down that were hung over their bench. The Highland fans began booing again as they did throughout the game. I personally saw a Highland coaching staff member facing the crowd and waving his arms in an upward motion encouraging the crown to increase the booing. Lastly, after MV had lost the game and was on the field for the presentation of trophies, MV was presented their 3rd place trophy and the Highland fans booed again at the losing team. So before Highland accuses Mountain View of being a “no-class” organization, they ought to take a good look in the mirror.

Doug Maus,


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