CLEVELAND (AP) _ A woman already shot in the arm stumbled into a coin-operated laundry, chased by her armed boyfriend, then begged for her life in front of horrified customers before she was killed with a shotgun blast at close range.

``He clicked the gun once and then there was blood everywhere,'' said Zeola Mitchell, who works at Sud-Z Coin Laundry.

Terri Smith, 26, was chased for about a block by the gunman, identified only as her 50-year-old boyfriend, before entering the laundry Friday morning.

``He chased her inside,'' Mitchell said. ``She was screaming, `He shot me! He shot me!' And then, `Please don't shoot me again. Why do you want to kill me?' I have never imagined anything so horrible.''

Mitchell and three customers were in the laundry when Smith was shot. None of the witnesses were wounded.

The gunman was found a few blocks away, after he had thrown the shotgun into a back yard, and was jailed for the homicide, police Sgt. Mark Hastings said.