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Kent State Killings To Be Marked

January 12, 1999

KENT, Ohio (AP) _ Kent State University’s board of trustees on Monday authorized the installation of markers in the spots where each of four students were killed during a 1970 protest against the Vietnam War.

Four parking spaces in a lot on this northeast Ohio school’s campus will be sealed off. The markers will be put in those spots, while the rest of the lot remains open, university spokesman Ron Kirksey said.

The memorials will each include a 42-inch-high post with an electric light hanging from it. The light will always be turned on, Kirksey said.

``The installation of these four markers will complete the unfinished task of institutional acknowledgment of the site of the tragic events of May 4, 1970,″ the board of trustees’ resolution said.

In addition to the four people killed, nine students were wounded by National Guard members who had been sent in to quell a campus protest against the war.

``We are deeply gratified that Kent State University has made such a meaningful gesture,″ said Alan Canfora, 49, a student who was shot in the wrist during the protest.

In May, a group of students asked the university to close the parking lot and brought letters to university President Carol Cartwright from each victim’s family asking that part, or all, of the lot be shut off.

Near the parking lot is a memorial that features a 70-foot bench with four pillars to represent the slain students.

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