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Recent Passenger Train Accidents

April 7, 2004

Some recent passenger train accidents in the United States:

_ May 6, 2003: An Amtrak train collides with a lumber truck in southeast Georgia, killing the engineer.

_ July 29, 2002: An Amtrak train carrying about 200 people derails near Washington, injuring 101 passengers.

_ April 23, 2002: A freight train plows head-on into a Metrolink commuter train in Placentia, Calif., during the morning rush hour, killing two people and injuring about 260.

_ April 18, 2002: An Amtrak Auto Train derails at Crescent City, Fla., killing four and injuring more than 150.

_ March 17, 2001: An Amtrak train carrying 210 people from Chicago to California derails in rural southwest Iowa, killing one passenger and injuring about 90 others.

_ Feb. 5, 2001: An Amtrak train collides with a freight train on the same track in Syracuse, N.Y., injuring 61 people.

_ Nov. 4, 2000: An Amtrak train derails after hitting a truck near Moorpark, Calif., killing the truck driver and injuring about 30 people on the train.

_ March 15, 2000: An Amtrak train derails alongside a cornfield near Carbondale, Kan., injuring 29 passengers.

_ Sept. 20, 1999: An Amtrak train rear-ends a freight train in a rail yard in Cumberland, Md., injuring 37 people.

_ March 15, 1999: An Amtrak train hits a truck and derails near Bourbonnais, Ill., killing 13 people and injuring more than 100.

_ June 18, 1998: A Chicago-bound commuter train slams into a tractor-trailer carrying large steel coils in Portage, Ind., hurling one of the coils into a rail car, killing three passengers and injuring four others.

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